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Please note: I DO NOT keep cash for change in my office.  
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Appointment Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy (24 Hours Minimum)
24 Hour (minimum) Notice: Full CHARGE for cancelling or rescheduling appointments within 24 hours
of appointment.
 I am present for your appointment whether you are, or not.  I honor the 24 hour notice, also.  
The massage 'product is not separate from my time.  I have other clients waiting for appointments and like
everyone else, have other things I can do with my time if you can't make your appointment.   'Weather safety
emergencies' are considered.  I truly empathize, but,  I am not at fault for others general 'emergencies' just like
you are not at fault for mine.  
Everyone's time is valuable and important.  Thank You.
Late for an Appointment
When late for an appointment, a client will receive the balance of time left for that appointment.   
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available.  Will mail upon payment.  Expiration date posted on each certificate.    
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important! Your information will be used to reply and communicate with you personally.  Only!
Inspirit Therapies Code Ethics
My Code of Ethics is posted visibly in my office.  Please acknowledge, I am a professional massage therapist in
medical, therapeutic and holistic bodywork.  I will not accept from any client, nor do I practice any communication
or behavior intended as, or could be construed as sexual.      
...Read just below... how to best prepare and what to expect from your first Massage or Bodywork session.
...... how to best prepare and what to expect from your first Massage or Bodywork session.
  • When you come for your treatment try to have your mind quiet and relaxed - let go of your day.  
  • A medium to hot shower before a massage can help relax your body and prepare your muscles for possibly
    an easier  muscular release.  
  • You will fill out a confidential Health History on your first visit: it lets the therapist know of any illnesses and
    issues you may be having with your health.  Please be thorough.
  • Please: Ask questions and get any clarification you may need.  This is your time and your money.
  • When preparing to get on the table, you will get undressed to your comfort level.  Please be aware you will be
    covered on the table and your physical privacy will be completely respected.
  • On the table it is very important that a you are very comfortable.  Let your therapist know if you are not.  It works
    against our goal if your focus is on being uncomfortable (cold, hot, the to painful or ...)  and not relaxed.  
  • Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release , and NMT can be a painful in areas where muscles have trigger points
    or trauma.  The therapist may put pressure on these areas of the muscle, as the therapist works through
    them it should feel like a 'good hurt', (you will actually know this will help you) and only last for about 5-10
    seconds, then you should feel a slight release.  Breathing deeply can help to release the pain.  Be aware of
    your pain tolerance and be honest with your therapist.  We can always work slower and lighter.
  • If you have acute or long term pain and muscular issues, is it best to see your doctor to rule out other serious
    health issues.  After you have ruled those out,  it may take about 4 to 8 sessions to clear trigger points and
    reprogram your muscles.   Remember too, you can help your self with self care.  Read Self Care section.
  • Once acute or chronic pain is feeling better, massage maintenance is beneficial every 3-4 weeks.
  • There are self-care treatments that you can do to enhance and maintain the benefits of your massage and
    help your own health and well-being.
(always check with your doctor before you begin an exercise or stretching program)
...... what to expect after your massage or bodywork.
  • Drink extra water to flush your system.  At least 60 to 100 ounces per day.  (Rule of thumb is about 2/3 ounce
    per pound of body weight.)  Massage helps to release many toxins/biochemical by-products that become
    lodged in muscles and specific areas of the body.
  • To enhance the benefits of your massage, take a hot bath with Epsom salts or take a hot shower to help
    continue the release of your muscles, especially if you had painful trigger points in your muscles.  
  • You may be sore for up to 1-3 days (no more than this) after your massage, if you had painful trigger points
    released.  Then you should feel better with generally more muscle flexibility, more range of motion without
    pain, and overall increase in energy.  
  • You also may feel a little 'ill' like the signs of a 'flu', if you have not ever had a massage or have not had one in a
    long time.  It will help to drink plenty of water to flush and hydrate your body, as mentioned above and get plenty
    of rest.  This is generally the result of toxins/biochemical by-products being released that need to be flushed
    out of your system.  
  • To help maintain your muscular health and physical wellbeing, Therapeutic Massage / Bodywork is beneficial
    every 3-4 weeks.  (please click here Benefits Page for the awesome benefits to your body's systems )
...... how you can enhance the benefits of your massage and your health with self-care treatment.
  • Drink extra water to flush and hydrate your body. Drink at least 60 to 100 ounces per day.
( 2/3 oz times your bodyweight as rule of thumb)
  • Pay attention to the language of your body.  Enhance your body awareness and trust yourself.  Your the only
    one who truly knows what is going on inside of you.  Pay attention to when you feel overwhelm or stress.  This
    is usually when your body will become ill.  Slow down and nurture yourself!  YOU DESERVE IT!
  • Take a hot bath with Epsom salts, the minerals help to draw out toxins and can help relieve muscular stress
    and tension.  A relaxing hot bath or shower alone, can relieve mental stress.
  • I also offer Anderson Stretch 'idea sheets'.  A daily stretching program is very beneficial to help keep the
    muscles more flexible, elongated, conditioned and can increase and improve your range of motion.  There is
    a saying: "You're as old as you are flexible."  
(always check with your doctor before you begin an exercise or stretching program)  
  • Yoga can also be very beneficial for your muscular, physical, and mental health.  
  • Find exercises and activities that make you feel good physically and mentally!  Your worth it!  
  • One other tidbit... Our body is not our enemy.  Listen to it, there is a reason it is 'talking pain'... if you listen
    when it firsts starts talking to you, you may very well prevent something it can't handle in the
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